Funnel Scripts Review: Copywriting made easy with Funnel Scripts! |

Funnel Scripts Review: Copywriting made easy with Funnel Scripts!

Do you know that direct response copywriting is one of the most important elements of a successful website? It is an essential skill which you use to express messages to your potential customers.

Your copywriting will decide your sale.

Here are reasons for the importance of copywriting:

  1. Powerful copywriting can persuade potential customers to buy products from you or your competitors who don’t want that.
  2. Copywriting can also help entice visitors to engage with your content, which has positive effect on your search rankings.
  3. It can evoke an emotional reaction which creates a connection between you and your visitors. This can turn your visitors into a permanent ambassador for your brand.

But you have to know that copywriting is not easy at all. Almost every business owners and marketers don’t know how to create well written copy which can turn your potential customers to customers. It is such a really tough mission even for the best copywriter.

In one hand, the expense for hiring a great copywriter can be a big problem for your budget. Almost of them can get around $20,000. In another hand, if you try to learn to do it yourself, time spent can be a problem.

So it is true to say that the solution can be a doubled-edge sword.

It is not about the money spent on learning direct response copywriting; it is about the amount of time you need to hone your skills until you can create a copy to convert your visitors into buyers. This takes months or even years.

Funnel Scripts Review:

Funnel Scripts is a membership website which creates a first draft script based on several sales and marketing scripts of Russell Brunson in his book.

All these formulas help him earn millions of dollars and also have made other marketers millionaires as they want.

Direct response copywriting is easy as pie now.

What I like the most about Funnel Scripts is that it can create sales copy as simply as filling a form.

Some funnel scripts take just a few minutes to complete while larger scripts take an hour or more. For example: Sales letters.

There are some helpful instances for you throughout this article.

Each script includes a guide which helps you understand how to get the most out of it.

Not just like a sales letter, one of the best things I found in Funnel Scripts is that it provides many different scripts. You can see scripts available below:

  • Ad Scripts
  • Sales Letter Scripts
  • Call To Action Scripts
  • Email And Subject Line Scripts
  • Headline Scripts
  • Video Scripts
  • Product Description Scripts
  • Lead Capture Scripts
  • Webinar Scripts

There are many added scripts each month so I will try to keep this list fresh!

Pros and cons of Funnel Scripts:


  1. Complete your first draft in 10 minutes on almost every script.
  2. Large scripts including sales scripts, opt-in scripts, sales letter scripts, ads scripts on facebook, webinar, etc has made Russel Brunson millions of dollars.
  3. There are now 4 downloadable script wizards to choose from: The Perfect Webinar Wizard, Video Sales Letter Wizard, Easy Survey Wizard, and Star, Story, Solution Wizard!
  4. Each script has simple forms to fill which include examples to help you do it quickly.
  5. There is a short training video which is on every script and monthly training calls.
  6. Co-founder Jim Edwards provides a live training each month to make you have the best way to use Funnel Scripts.
  7. Export any script to a text file and start doing editing task that you want.
  8. New scripts will be published in several months. The newest scripts include an Amazon / e-Commerce product script, Origin Story Script, Testimonial Script, Call to Action Script and my favorite one: Ads script on Facebook which creates 3 versions based on cold, warm and hot traffic!
  9. According to this writing, the price of Funnel Script is unbelievable annually! This is like 1.5% of the cost paid to a copywriter.
  10. Understanding why these scripts work by getting free access to Russell’s Inception Secrets course is the way to go deeper!


  1. When a program creates a script, some parts of this document could not read correctly and it requires some tweaking to get the script ready for you to use.
  2. Sometimes there are occasional glitches and issues because this is in a beta mode, but don’t worry the team responds quickly and fixes any problem.

Let’s find out how it works:

Your task of creating scripts is very simple:

  1. Pick the type of scripts that you want
  2. Fill out the associated fields
  3. Submit the form
  4. Out pops the scripts!

Once you have the script, you can read it through and edit the form fields to make it read clearly.

You can also have a choice to down all the elements of the script into a simple text file that you can edit.

Something you need to know about Funnel Script 2.0

This version was released in June, 2017 which brings many features to simplify the process. You can pre-download a sample script to know how a script outputs information and you also can save snippets to use in other scripts.

When scripts can be saved as projects that can be downloaded to your computer and load again in the next day, this is another improvement that helps you avoid filling out the whole form over and over again.

Funnel Scripts Membership Breakdown

There are 8 main sections of the script which are easily accessible from any website. Funnel Scripts currently has 38 scripts and 5 downloadable wizards.

Downloadable Wizards

This is one of the coolest features of Scripts. Downloadable Wizards can be installed and used on your computer. These wizards require the more time spent but they create a variety of files which can be used as sales letters or PowerPoint presentations. They are available for both Mac and Windows

Perfect Webinar Wizard

This wizard follows the Perfect Webinar Wizard formula that made Russel Brunson become a millionaire. It is updated and includes the Improvements which Russel laid out inside of his latest book Expert Secrets. There are 78 questions which you can answer to make your own Perfect Webinar Wizard!

VSL Wizard

The video sales letter wizard is another option for you. It leads you through 21 questions and creates files which you need for your video sales letter. This wizard doesn’t make sales letter for you but creates slides that you can use to record your videos.

Master Class Wizard

Based on Master Class chapter of Expert Secrets which is on page 78. You now can create a training course which makes you a professor in your niche. You also can decide how long this Master Class can take even it is 6 hours or 6 weeks. This wizard has 38 questions which will create the copy for a paid or free version of the class.

Expert Secrets

The scripts are based on Russell Brunson’s latest #1 best-seller book – Expert Secrets. These are the latest group which is added to Funnel Scripts.

The Big Domino

You can learn the concept of the big domino in the pages 85 – 90, which is created by Russell. Something happens when you can persuade your potential customers and every objection becomes irrelevant and they have to buy from you. This script helps you create Big Domino which you need to answer.


This Bullet section has 2 scripts; however, these scripts are wonderful at the communicating copy.


It contains 4 available scripts. When you need a powerful copy to gain the most returns on your advertising dollars, these are the scripts you really need.

Content Creation

This section contains some scripts. If you have some problems in providing content for a free report or email, these scripts will be helpful.


This section makes all scripts related to a good email copy together. With these scripts, you will be like an expert even though copywriting is almost a whole other arena.

Onboarding Email Sequence

With these scripts, you can create the email sequence which will bring you customers and new subscribers.

Titles, Headlines, Subject Lines

This section groups the things above together. Headlines are really essential for people to engage with the messages of your sales. These scripts will create the powerful copy which attracts the concern of your website visitors and email subscribers.

Sales Letter

These scripts create powerful sales letters which will save time and energy.


Now we will show you some members’ bonuses

The first one is a secret training course which is about the starting point of Russell, it will completely tell you about his strategy behind these scripts.

It will help you go deeper in psychology of copywriting

The second bonus is a group of share funnels to load into your ClickFunnels account!

The last one is useful handout which lets you know which scripts will be used for different funnels. There will be some links for you to get access to the scripts for each stage of the process of building funnels.

In conclusion

I believe that Funnel Scripts is a really great tool for you to make scripts efficiently.

The great results are the most important here, aren’t them?

With all newest updates and added scripts in the last several months, Funnel Script is the best of all the time.

Over 100 people have read this review and found it helpful. Of course they all have chosen to sign up.

Don’t hesitate to try this Funnel Scripts, you will never be disappointed.

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