ClickFunnels Review: Is it Really Useful For Your Business In 2018? |

ClickFunnels Review: Is it Really Useful For Your Business In 2018?

ClickFunnels is basically a landing page builder on steroids which has some disadvantages but in general, it is a really amazing tool to use to build landing pages. Sales Funnels has pre-made templates for you to re-design as you want and also membership groups as well as upsell and downsell functionality.

You can make payments with Stripe, Paypal and other types of payment processors because ClickFunnels integrate with them. It also allows custom code to be shown anywhere in a certain page, which lets you customize your landing pages and even provides options of payments for your customers. You can also put different pricing options on the landing pages as well as pricing points.

Just like any other software, ClickFunnels helps you earn much money online in various ways and achieve your dreams as long as you use it for work. ClickFunnels is not a tool for getting wealthy quickly but a tool to help your reach your customers and sell more products than as usual. With a 14 day free trial ClickFunnels is an excellence choice that you need to try once.

I have experienced many landing page builders before and I have to say that with an affordable cost and what ClickFunnels brings to, it is the most complete solution for you to buy. You will be able to build a membership websites easily and use each membership section for each purpose which is totally fantastic.

You can use ClickFunnels to sell your own courses or make it a place for editors, builders and even writers when you hire them. For me, I basically use it for the last preparation of my content based on website business.

It is not difficult at all to integrate with a custom domain, thus, you can create your own landing pages and membership site and/or sales funnels or a custom domain. Although you can’t make payments on WordPress when you set the price for your customers who have their own set of SSL requirements, it has a plugin to integrate with WordPress. You also can start your own sales funnel on your website and host next steps of funnel where the payments are taken on the default platform for ClickFunnels.

It is functionality to drag and drop that we love most about ClickFunnels. You can’t have that good experience when using WordPress to build your pages. No more “Save” and Preview” button to hit to see what it looks like. Although WordPress is still the best for you to use for your websites based on content, ClickFunnels creates a strong ally if you tent to sell membership programs or products for customers who visit your website. Custom options seem unlimited to build a marketing funnel properly.

How ClickFunnels Can Help You and Your Business?

  • “Drag and drop” functionality is easy to use
  • With the cost of 97 dollars per basic membership, you will have what you need efficiently.
  • It is able to be integrated into custom domains or WordPress sites.
  • When you create legal page builder, you can also see the differences.
  • ClickFunnels integrates with Stripe to make payments get easier
  • It also integrates with Convertkit or other email providers to send automated emails.
  • You can use it to sell digital products as well as physical ones.
  • The membership area functionality.
  • With a complete support, it can create many video screens which are just for you.
  • When you can share funnels with people, this is the chance to create more business opportunities about funnel design.
  • Many free templates are pre-made to use and customize right away.
  • With a comprehensive split testing tool, you will be able to split different landing pages and the winner will be claimed.
  • You can find out the best offers by conversion tracking stats.
  • All emails are integrated and the full marketing automation is set up.

Now, we will show you reasons to buy ClickFunnels:


To answer this question, you need to figure out what kind of internet marketer you are.

Novice Niche Site Builder: When you need no software, you only need to focus on the basic knowledge of WordPress and learn how to build a website to attract more traffic with no money paid to Google. There is no need to worry about your funnels and sales funnels right away because when you are really good at organic traffic, you can start experimenting with offers to your audiences and then find this program worthwhile. Now, just learn the core basics and you can worry about new ideas later.

Intermediate Niche Site Builder:  When you have some traffic or can earn some money online, I will say that it depends on where you fall into this side of the spectrum. If you are an affiliate marketer and you earn around $1000 per month, you will have enough to justify the 97/mo, the expense to test out some offers from your audiences. You are also able to set up some membership funnels or groups for your audience and probably charge a premium to do so. There is many ways to use it, but at this time it is a judgement call. It is worthwhile but maybe you also have some ideas or offers for your audiences.

Advanced Niche Site Builder: Yes, it is worthwhile if you are a marketer earning arounf $2000 per month which means $24000 annually. You are obviously an advanced Niche Site Builder. So ClickFunnels will be worthwhile and you can afford it, especially when you are building any product or offering a service.

Small Business Owner/Coach/Consultant: If you are in one of these group and you have not had ClickFunnels account, you are missing out. If you are a small business owner, every types of advertisement which you want to make will require landing pages built for special offers. You can use Thrive Architect or Elementor as you want, but ClickFunnels will give you more than that. You even don’t need a website to run it. Nowadays almost every small business owners have their own sites but even though you are not like them, ClickFunnels doesn’t require you own a website to use the software. You can use URLs which looks a little messy or use a custom domain and you just need to install it in the integration of ClickFunnels.

The Last Thing I want to tell you is ClickFunnels will provide you a lot of value for anyone in the group of about 4. If you are a niche site builder who earn only $1000 per month online, your money can be spent on software that helps improve the organic traffic. We believe that anyone out there can be successful with software as long as they take action and don’t leave it unused.


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