Step by step how to set up your affiliate sales funnel |

Step by step how to set up your affiliate marketing sales funnel

When I follow sales funnel as an affiliate, I look at the way that effective affiliate sales funnel was formed while having some control.

Recently, my friend, Davis has some problems about marketing. He wants to setup his own sales funnel by using an affiliate product in the way he can have overall control. Because he pays for targeted traffic to achieve his goal, he wants to ensure that he can earn returns from his efforts on the back-end. He planned for his sales funnel but after finishing it, he realized that since he was promoting his affiliate product, he had no idea about the way to control payment process by using the example funnel mentioned.

We can say that he didn’t know how to continue controlling the flow of that funnel because it would end up under the control of vendors. Therefore, he asked me how to setup a proper sales funnel as an affiliate.

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Effective affiliate sales funnel

In my opinion, his proposed funnel is an aggressive one at first. Especially when potential customers don’t know you. You are now giving them something for free, thus they focus on those freebie provided that they can get on the opt-in page, not what they can buy from you.


When someone registers to get something of which the value is free, they feel that they have an obligation towards you and your products. Therefore, they are more likely to buy from you and you need to take advantages of this situation. It is a concept that I don’t really believe because almost everyone knows that once they say yes, some offers will be made for them.

Unless you are an excellent persuader, you will be able to do more harm than good. In addition, you have their email address so take it as an advantage to focus on creating an effective marketing strategy.

However, the funnel will be possible to solve his problems if he is looking to make all his money up front and develop customer relationships that will make sales.

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Davis realized that whenever someone accepts his offer by clicking the button to buy it after they opted-in, there is no way to get that person back to the next step in his funnel once they buy. He doesn’t only want to make sales, but he also wants to make add-on or back-end sales while the people are willing to buy products. He is not the only marketer who wants to do it!

Here is the solution:

– Firstly, it depends all on the condition of the affiliate program that he has joined.

– Some affiliate programs just pay for the front-end offer and nothing more.

– Some affiliate programs will pay you for back-end sales if they are made in the time given.

Some affiliate programs can credit a prospect to you forever. Thus, whenever they finish buying any qualifying product, you will make a commission.

You don’t need to care much about the high-end sales funnel if you are in the second or third affiliate program because people will still pay you by using their sales funnels.

Almost every affiliate programs which were setup just pay you for front-end sales, which is completely unfortunate. You will want to consider creating a sales funnel for yourself. Otherwise, the other programs, sales funnel and vendors will help you which are not necessary.

One thing you can do to improve your sales is providing a bonus for customers who visit your affiliate link. This will increase the number of sales and commission.

Nevertheless, because there are some possibilities and each of them has a solution, therefore, I can’t tell you to do exactly this thing. But I can provide you with some tips to start setting up your effective sales funnel.

Simple Affiliate marketing sales funnel

If you are wondering about the special “thank you” page, I will let you know. After conveying thanks to the registers, you will place an offer near the bottom of your page.

This offer will be the front-end product of under $10. If they see it and click through, you can send the offer to review page or directly to sales pages of the vendors.

Ad ► opt-in page ► special thank you page ► email follow up

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On the other hand, if they don’t mind that offer, you still have a chance to make upfront-sales. What you need to do is just placing the link at the bottom of the offer with a line: “No, thank you, A, I will pass this excellent offer”.

Then if they click this link, they will go to the offer or OTO. You can use this skill several times with numbers of offers to boost your sales. Just need to know that do not annoy them because they have already registered to your list.



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